The Michelson Language

What is Michelson?

Michelson is the domain-specific language used to write smart contracts on the Tezos blockchain. This language is stack based and strongly typed. Michelson was designed to facilitate formal verification, allowing users to prove the properties of their contracts. Over time, the language will change, especially in the time leading up to the launch. This website is a repository of examples and tutorials, showing how to get started and work with the Michelson programming language.


  • Compiling to Michelson (Coming soon)


All code on this site is released under the MIT License, feel free to use this code in any way you want to. If your use case is not compatible with the MIT license, feel free to reach out. We can definitely work something out that lets you use the code anyway, without money changing hands. Should any of this code become a major part of your bajillion dollar Tezos startup, feel free to provide a tip (the equivalent of 2-3 million USD in ęś© would be about right) or not. Startups that are worth less than a bajillion USD should not tip.